Computer Class
Thursday 1:00 to 3:30
Are   you   getting   fed   up   with   having   to   ask   your   children   or   grandchildren   how   to   to   use   the computer   and   still   not   understanding   them?      Don’t   know   a   megabyte   from   a   hard   drive   then   join us   in   this   class.      Don’t   worry   if   you   don’t   have   a   computer   as   you   can   use   ours.      After   a   short introductory   lesson   you   can   find   out   what   you   want   to   know   about   computers   ie   Skype   or   sending pictures   via   e-mail   or   you   can   do   your   own   thing   with   any   guidance   from   the   tutor.      The   class does   have   a   more   advanced   membership   so   any   advice   can   be   got   from   them   as   well.      You   can,   of course, bring along your own Lap Top. The fee is £2.00  per session.(with free access to the internet)