Monday 2:30 to 4:00         Class fee is £2.00 per session
The George Hurd Choir has been in around for over 2 years.  We are very fortunate to have Maria as our tutor, a qualified music teacher with great sense of humour and loads of patience!!!  At present time the choir has nearly thirty singers but is always pleased to welcome new members.  We have a strong male contingent while the ladies provide the altos and sopranos.  We have performed a couple of times in public, plus appearing at the club itself several times for various special functions.  Despite the fact we are all of a ‘certain age’ we sing a wide range of material - old favourites, rock and roll, sole, songs from the Beatles, Abba and musicals.  We are always pleased to see new faces.  So why not come along and check us out (first lesson is free).